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About Resource LOGIC

Resource LOGIC, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Robert M. Clark. The company was created to offer printing services encapsulating the most modern processes available within the industry. In order to address the wide and varied needs of our clients, Resource LOGIC, Inc. has remained current with industry technology through our close partnerships with numerous companies both domestically and offshore.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, commercial print work of most kinds, Robert Clarkincluding collateral material, brochures, catalogues, data sheets, calendars, multi page reports, large format signs (on paper, foam core, fabric, plastic and other substrates) conference/
exhibition materials such as show programs etc., direct mail materials of all sorts (including list processing, inkjet addressing to variable data lists, fulfillment and most other mailing services), board games (and the various components needed for playing) and other projects which include complex assembly and hand work. 


Our partner companies have the most up to date equipment. This includes offset presses in all format sizes and some with up to 8 color perfecting capabilities. This sheet-fed and heat-set web press capability, and digital on-demand high-resolution printers in various sizes are the most modern and up to date in our industry.

In working with your business, Resource LOGIC, Inc. will facilitate the management of your project. You will work with us, and a CSR person, at the printing plant we use. Our partnerships include printers throughout the USA and China many with ISO 9001 certification and FSC compliance. Together we will manage and provide a seamless production experience for your printing needs.  

In building a successful and well managed company, we have established and maintained many long-term relationships with our partners and clients, and have excellent references which we are happy to supply on request.